We Will be open Saturday, June 29th, 10am-7pm, or till picked out! ~~~PLEASE READ ALL THE WAY THOUGH~~~


    Saturday is our first day! There will be plenty of times to come out this year and the field looks amazing!

    Next week, the weather looks crummy now hopefully that will change! Open Tuesday, July 2nd, weather permitting, 10am-7pm, or till picked out.

    JULY 4th! Weather permitting, 9am-12pm!

    Saturday, July 6th, weather permitting, 10am-7pm, or till picked out.

    If weather looks nice on “off days” and not picking days, we will post updates and will most likely only be open from 10am-3pm on those days.

    Please respect our opening time, we are a working farm and we have working fields, our helpers come out early and we like to get them going for the day and they help us set up for the Pick Our Own too.

    We don’t spray any chemicals! 10am is time best time we find that the fields are mostly dried out. Please do not come earlier then 9:45am, we understand that families leave early to make sure they get here on time but we will not be able to let you in the fields till 10am( mostly for us too, to make sure we are all set up.) There are chickens and pigs this year to check out if you get here early.

    You may bring your Lunches out! The lake area is still pretty wet and full of goose poop but our orchard makes a beautiful place to have a picnic! BRING THOSE PICNIC BLANKETS!

    There is a NEW play park at the farm this year! If you’d like to donate towards the park please talk to the those who are doing the check out! Please help us take care of the new park too.

    There are horses at the farm, PLEASE PLEASE PLEASE be with your children when you go check them out. There are electric fences around their area!

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