For you planners. We hope to be open June 29th(weather permitting). We will post another updated new week to confirm.

    Looks like we will be open on the 4th! We are changing our hours that day to accommodate to our extended family time. Weather permitting of course. We will be open for July 4th from 9-12 ONLY. If we feel the field can use more picking we may open Friday for a few hours. We will Post July 4th evening if Friday will be open.Then July 6th will be our normal hours. 10am-7pm unless picked out.

    🍓Pick Your Own🍓 (please read to the end) It takes about a month after blossoms appear for berries to ripen. We mentioned a couple weeks back with the weather we are a few weeks behind! If Mother Nature works with us we are planning for the end of June for our strawberries. Continue to Follows is for updates. 
    This year we will ONLY be open(strawberry hours): 
    TUESDAYS- 10 AM to 7 PM(or until picked out) 
    THURSDAYS- 10 AM to 7 PM(or until picked out)
    SATURDAY- 10 AM to 7 PM (or until picked out) 
    10 AM because we do not spray any fungicides! The morning dew is mostly dried by then. This year we will not let anyone in the fields before then or raining on Pick Your One Days! Please respect this! Water is the quickest way to spread diseases, we would like to keep our fields disease free! (The season will hopefully go longer this way too🤗) 
    Only 3 days a week due to us wanting to keep our fields irrigated(if it’s to dry plants stress out… less berries) and do our best to keep the nutrients going on our plants. The season will hopefully last longer with this also.
    Our times and days will change once elderberries and fall raspberries season comes upon us. We will keep you updated with those as the season gets closer.  
    Between the age and the damage to the Red and White currants (along with Gooseberries) we will no longer have Pick Your Own Red and White Currants and Gooseberries.
    We took out the summer Red and purple raspberries also. The SWD (the small fruit fly that laid its eggs in the berries 🤮) would Effect more then just the soft fruits. We hope taking them out it will eliminate the SWD at Natura Farms! 
    We hope you understand our changes out here. To keep Natura NATURAL, changes need to happen.  
    Thank you to all who supported, continue to support and new supporters! We are excited to see you out here soon!

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