• Farm Update

    Many of you remember last year we had a giant hail storm completely took out our berry crops last June.
    This spring we saw a lot more damage then we wished…
    The canes of the Currant (all 3 types of currants)and Black, Purple and Red Summer Raspberries we’re damaged to the point we had to mow them down this year. We hope that in doing this we will have healthier currants for next year!

    As for the raspberries the cane were so damaged that they are only knee height and not shoulder height. A long with being damaged,older plants, and SWD attacking the berries themselves each summer, we have decided to NO LONGER HAVE SUMMER RASPBERRIES! 😩

    The Strawberries are looking very healthy! We will have Strawberry PYO come the middle of June. Updates will be posted here and long with Facebook(Facebook is a day to day updates too).
    Today(5/18) we are making plastic beds in prep for our field vegetables! The vegetables are looking healthy and ready for the ground!
    The greenhouses are filling up with yummy heirloom tomatoes!
    Our farm stand is in the makings,  we will let you know when you can stop for your nutrient dense produce!
    Healthy Soil, Healthy Plants, Healthy People!

    See you all soon!

    -Natura Farms Crew

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